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All JJDA dance classes have a dress code.  See the Parent Info Center for more information.
For children ages 2.5-4.  Dancers will
explore the joy of movement through music,
dance and props.  They will learn basic
ballet positions, correct posture, and
age-appropriate stretching exercises in a
creative environment.  Dancers will perform
a routine in the school's annual recital.
For children ages 4-5.  Future dancers are
introduced to one of the most important
elements of dance technique: the ballet
barre.  This early training in posture,
footwork, and balance is essential for later
success in dance.  Dancers will perform a
routine in the studio's annual recital.
For children ages 5-8.  Beginning students
start off on the right foot with this
comprehensive class, which is designed to
introduce children to the fundamentals of
ballet and tap dance technique.  Students
learn to respect the studio, the teacher and
the other students as they discover their
coordination, musicality  and love of
movement.  Dancers will perform a routine
in the annual recital.
Ages 4 and up.  Hip Hop is a great form of
exercise for children of all ages.  Students
learn the latest moves from their favorite tv
shows and music videos, while developing
coordination and musicality. Students will
perform a routine in the school's annual
Photos of JJDA students courtesy of Something New Studios.
In this class students will learn a variety of
steps, with emphasis placed on crisp, clear
sounds and proper body position and
alignment.  As students advance, basic
advanced combinations and rhythm patterns.  
In this class students will increase
flexibility while working to master high
kicks, multiple turn combinations and a
wide range of leaps and jumps.  Students
will explore a variety of movement
required for both contemporary and
traditional styles of choreography.  
Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles.  In order to truly excel in dance, Ballet
training is a necessity.  Students will learn proper body alignment, balance, precise footwork and
arm placement while increasing flexibility and strength.  JJDA offers both performance Ballet
classes and Ballet Technique classes in which students focus on improving skills throughout the
year and do not perform a routine in the annual recital.  
POINTE - Approval of the Director is required prior to enrollment in this class for serious
students wishing to advance their ballet studies.  Dancers 12 and older with strong Ballet
technique and appropriate physiological qualifications and strength may be eligible for Pointe
Dancers will learn to isolate and stretch each muscle in order to increase range of motion and
obtain the flexibility needed to execute advanced movements.  
Dancers will not learn a routine in this class.