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What JJDA Families Are Saying...
"My daughter only attended this year and unfortunately it will be her
last since we are moving out of state:-( The school is incredible. She
got more out of 1 year here than the other schools in the area she
attended for 3 years.  The teachers know their craft and teach it well.
If you want quality dance training from teachers that have passion,
vigor and commitment..this is your school.
" - Priscilla
"Thank you soooooo very much . It is so apparent how much you both
truly love what you do !!!!  That is certainly a gift, and we are so
happy to be a part of it.
" - Denise
"I just wanted to take a moment to say how much we enjoyed the
recital.  The girls looked beautiful and the show was amazing...it was a
very pleasurable event for my family.
" - Kim
"The recital was wonderful, the girls were amazing, and you, [the
teachers] are terrific! Your confidence in the girls brings out theirs.
" -
"Thank you for giving the girls the confidence, respect and
encouragement to be able to go out and perform the way that they did
[at competition] this weekend.  Thank you for making sure that they
were prepared and building their self esteem.
" - Daphne
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About Our Award-Winning Company:
"My 8yr old daughter came to this dance school a year ago after
attending another school for 4 years.  In the one year she has been
here she has really grown to be a beautiful dancer.  The teachers are
incredible and really know how to bring out the kids' true talents.
Now when my daughter dances she glows with confidence and it's
incredible to watch. This school is truly amazing and the opportunities
available to kids surpass all our expectations.‎
" - Ybelise
"All of my children have been dancing here for 4 years. They love it!
The teachers are fantastic... very talented, caring, and passionate
" -
"My Daughter has been a student at JJDA for 3 years and I cannot
put into words how incredible the studio has been for her!! The staff
at JJDA are not just teachers, but incredible role models for our
young children. They take the time to get to know your child on a
personal level which makes JJDA a Family! I am so impressed by the
talent at JJDA and my daughter and I are extremely fortunate to be a
part of a Phenomenal Dance Studio!!!.
" - Audrey
"I was never prouder to be associated with JJDA than [at that
performance]. Thank you Jill, Jen and all the staff for going beyond
dance and teaching the girls to be kind and classy.
" - Liza
From The Kids:
"JJDA is an amazing dance company that changed my dance ability.
It's a wonderful place and is part of my family. I love JJDA .
" - Gina
"Thank you for all your efforts that went into making this weeks
intensives so incredible! Molly calls the studio home and the company
family, and that pretty much says it all!!
" - Lisa
"Dear Jill and all the terrific teachers at JJDA,
This is our granddaughter's 5th recital with your company, and the
talent amazes me every year, even my husband likes going to them!!!
"I must say how refreshing it is to be part of such an AMAZING
dance school!! Great teachers, staff and familys!!! Thank you for
making JJDA the place for our daughters to learn to be the dancers
they are becoming in a fun, healthy, relaxed environment
" - Donna
"JJDA has changed my life. I have been dancing here since i was 6, and
i have become a completely different dancer! JJDA has an amazing and
loving vibe, and we are a big family :)
" - Kaylee
"Love JJDA! There is a big difference in the level of teaching as well
as the sense of community they create here. My daughter enjoys her
classes and teacher and looks forward to going each week!
" - Lynn
"I have nothing but great things to say about this school. The teachers
and assistants are wonderful; very caring and helpful with my 3 & 5
year old girls. They're teaching them discipline and instilling a love of
dance at such a young age. The recitals are always so entertaining,
organized and fun. We love JJDA!!!
" - Jean